I’ve posted on Twitter & Facebook quite a bit lately about my long process of packing our house & preparing to move.  Or rather, I’ve complained a lot.  I thought I’d explain a little more in detail, and since that takes more than 140 characters, I figured I’d throw it up on my long neglected blog.

When we bought our first house 8 years ago (2007), we never planned on living in it for longer than five years.  Fast forward two years (2009) and one baby later, Chris started a fantastic company with a few friends.  During the first year of the company, he worked a regular day job and worked all night on the company.  Then came a time he needed to focus on the company - which wasn’t making money yet - and we lived off our savings for three months.  Also during this time, the housing market collapsed.  We, however, were doing just fine because we had underbought by almost $100k.  Our tiny payment on our tiny house saved us.

A few years later, the company was doing well.  The market was getting better.  Interest rates were low.  Not ready to buy something bigger, we decided to refinance our house.  However, the banking environment had changed, and because our taxes were tied up in an LLC running in the red on investor money, banks didn’t want to refinance our home (not to mention give us a loan on a new home).  (Lesson here - unless you want to run a small personal business, an LLC is not necessarily the way to go.)  The company eventually converted to a C-corp in 2013.

Well, that was all honky-dory, but banks want a full year of tax returns before you can refinance.  In the fall of 2013, they wouldn’t even let us co-sign on a lot loan.  There is no way around those rules.

So now it’s 2015, the company is doing very well, and it’s finally time to find a new home.  However, I’ve since discovered this process isn’t as simple as the last time.  When we bought our current house, it was our first house - that was a relatively easy process.  This time around, we have to sell this house first.  Selling a house is hard work.  Seriously hard work.  When our agent came by, he said, “It’s a nice starter home with too much stuff.”  Tell me about it, buddy.  That’s why I’m feeling trapped.  I like stuff too much (and animals).

And so began the packing process.  Packing up the stuff so you can see the house under all the stuff.  Stuff stuff stuff.  Add to that, Chris has been crazy busy and it’s summer break from school.  So I’ve been packing, pretty much alone, under the constant interruption of my child.  Stuff.  Lots and lots of trips to our off site storage unit.  Full of stuff…

On top of “decluttering”, there’s an endless list of projects that need to be finished.  New paint. New carpet. Fixing drywall holes. Power washing. Cleaning. Updating fixtures.  Cleaning appliances.  Rearranging the stuff that gets to stay.  

I’ve given myself (and announced to our agent) a goal date of August 1.  T-minus 5 days.  If you see me with paint in my hair and a deranged look in my eye, just know I’m scrambling to the finish line.