The Road Less Traveled (because who the hell goes to Arkansas)

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I spent the last two hours of work asking my best friend slash co-worker to kill me and put me out of my painful half-assing misery. Unfortunately, she didn’t humor me. She just mumbled something about how I’m taking Wednesday off and she has to work. I’m not sure she has a leg to stand on there. Eight hours of a lackluster day of work in an empty office versus spending 7 plus hours in an SUV with my cat and my cat-allergic boyfriend traveling through the back country of Arkansas. Though the upcoming journey through towns like Portia and Bono sound exciting, I think sitting in my comfy office chair with the internet is equally appealing. (Note that neither actually sounds fun.)

Tomorrow is a big day. One that I’ve cried about on and off for the last month or so. Chris is meeting my crazy family, and I’m giving my kitty to my sister. Both are huge hallmarks in our relationship. Since we are becoming domestic housemates, I decided it was in our best interest for me to give up Cat. Chris’s whole face and body swells into one gigantic hive anytime he gets within a mile radius of my apartment, and since he already suffers from asthma and I suffer from his snoring, I thought it would be best if I didn’t introduce a gray fluffy ball of feline dander into his home. Though I absolutely adore my precious little bitchy kitty, I love my boyfriend too. I don’t want him to be inflicted with illness anytime he spends too many consecutive hours in his own home. And something tells me that it would end up in conflict, either between me and Chris or Chris and Cat.

I’m also hesitant for Chris to meet my family. He’s grown up in a very wholesome environment. His parents are still together, and from what I can see, everyone is normal. We live on opposite ends of the spectrum. While most people have to figure out their in-laws and how to act, Chris will need to get a feel for three very different individuals. Just like kids and foreign languages, I grew up with it and can switch back and forth easily. Chris will need to learn the difficult task of translating.

However, I think he’s getting, in the words of my mother,“mentally prepared” for it. Today Chris was exerting his I’m-an-independent-man-ness and doing things in spite of my requests. When I entered our relationship, I knew that he was stubborn and hot-headed so the occasional contentious attitude is expected and easily ignored. He did cross the line with too many jokes about women clearing the table on Thanksgiving day while men watch football and nap. Finally, when I asked him about his recent machismo banter, he stated, “I think I’m getting it out of my system knowing that I have to do what you say for the next few days.” Whether this is true or not, I’m going to accept the answer.

Tomorrow will definitely be a journey, both in mileage and milestones. One that I plan on capturing in a photo documentary. We’ll see what’s in store.

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  1. Maryetta

    1. Hell YEAH.. I’m leaving work at 2pm.
    2. The shit sucks cause I’m going straight to the Dr. It seems I have a recurring bout with strep. BUT… I’d rather have strep than Staph or HIV. (that was random)
    3. Chirs is an awesome guy and like me has no business going into a salon telling the lady to just cut it! Some damn people need direction. I wish I could get one haircut that I was excellente’ and take that picture every time. Chris still has GREAT hair no matter what.
    4. Cat will love her new home.
    5. I’m going on and on because you’re not here. You missed the daily conversation about who is/isn’t coming in today.
    6. Hey… muffins in the breakroom.
    7. My daily digestion: The sugar cookie tea smells like a sugar cookie, taste like a sugar cookie, but it don’t crumble like no sugar cookie and is less filling.

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