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Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx to buy Chris’s ornament for our Friday Ornament Exchange that Chris and I are doing from beginning of November until Christmas. I’ve always had mixed feelings about TJ Maxx. While you can find some kick ass things there, like $110 BCBG pants in a kid’s size 12 for 14.99, some things are questionable. Especially all the rejected American Eagle and Limited clothing with black lines drawn through the label. Those are the shirts you get really excited about only to get them home and realize the sleeves are three inches too tight, and you look like a stick figure with huge hands and lines for arms.

In addition to the irregulars, they offer a large assortment of rejected items. If you’ve never been to TJM, these items are the ones that your weird Aunt, the one who is married to that guy that tries so hard to be cool but comes off like a junior high kid in resource classes, gives you for Christmas. The kinds of gifts that cause you say, “Oh! How lovely! Where did you find this?” (Only asking in hopes of returning it). These are the lovely gifts that I found on this visit. (Pictures taken with my camera phone and sent to Flikr via a kick ass feature.

I’m not really familiar with Buddhism, but I don’t think Gautama Buddha, when founding the religion in around 500 BCE, intended on people buying his likeness in wax and burning it. Something about this seems wrong. THUMB SUCKING ANGEL
I want to know a couple things. One, why is this angel sucking its thumb? Does God want Angels with crooked teeth? I wouldn’t think so. Two, why does this angel have Jay Leno’s streak of hair color.

Elephant Daisy Chain
This is the scariest thing at TJ Maxx. I think elephants should have a strict “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when carved out in wood. And for those he want to know, they are $14.99.

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  1. Maryetta

    TJ Maxx is strange. But the Marshalls on Harding place was even worse. Did you ever go to that place?

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