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As I drove into work this morning, I noticed the rain that Middle Tennessee has experienced for the last 12 hours was moving out and taking the fall leaves with it. A new season was beginning to usher in. One that would replace the mid 50s drizzle with mid 30s sleet and bitter winds. Even though the late part of the year is my favorite, it made me a little forlorn. I thought I had more time. I wanted to capture the blazing colors through photography and be able to relive this amazing part of my life over and over again. Though I occasionally passed a perfect tree, one who’s orange resembled a setting Indian summer sun with undertones of green and yellow, most trees were beginning to look cold and bare at the highest branches.

Since moving from a place of completely misery to joy, I’ve discovered time is a curious concept. It moves at different speeds conterminously. School always passes too quickly and my “to do” list lengthens as deadlines draw near. However, my time with Chris is filled with so much laughter and love that I don’t notice it racing by. These next few weeks will mark the end of my world as I currently know it. The bright warm colors will be replaced with dark browns and grays. During this period, however, I will exchange this for another kind of warmth, human touch, as I cuddle and visit with loved ones. This year is quickly drawing to an end. Though I am glad to see it go, I will not let the remaining months thoughtlessly pass by.

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  1. Maryetta

    That tree looks confused. It has green (very alive) leaves, red leaves, and brown dead leaves. Which meds should the Barbie Tree doctor perscribe?

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