Curtis the Cactus

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My sister gave me Curtis. He had been stowed in a Ziploc bag for two months and looked small and pathetic. After a few months of endless fluorescent light at my office, he sprouted back to life and outgrew his tiny pot. I began to search high and low for cactus potting soil, a mixture of dirt and sand. After checking several stores, I found that Home Depot carries it. Now Curtis is growing quickly and oddly resembling Medusa’s hair.

Curtis the Cactus


  1. Maryetta

    I must say he has come a long way.

  2. Maryetta

    Why didn’t you include anything about the post card? Don’t you think that poppy colored flower that is displayed by him has anything to do with his growth? Most males will spring up if the occasion is right or if they are falsely stimulated. (The fake cactus picture)

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