Everybody Hurts Sometime

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I’m feeling the need to buy something. It has been an emotionally draining week, where every day has been increasingly more trying than the day before. My usual response to times like these is to numb the pain by consuming food and commodities. Buying new things gives me a endorphin inspired euphoria, a happiness that cannot be achieved with a responsible credit card payment.

However, I’m facing a dilemma. For the first time in my life, I feel that I have enough clothes. When we were in San Francisco, I was introduced to the awesomeness of H&M. I responded correctly to this by purchasing one of everything in my size. Buying something for my home is also out because of the impending move. Over the next month, I will be attempting to shave all my belongings into Chris’s already overflowing duplex.

Nothing is more challenging than combining two well-established adults’ possessions into a space limited to 700 square feet. It is especially difficult when one person is a pack rat that has lived in the same home for several years and the other feels the need to own every kitchen appliance ever invented. We have a lot of shit, and it’s the wrong time of year for a yard sale.

In order to avoid buying something worthless, like a castle shaped bundt pan, I’m seeking advice from you, lurking reader. What do you buy when you’re stressed? Better yet, what else do you do to suppress the anxiety?


  1. Jennifer

    If I were you, I’d buy a sex swing. They store away nicely in a closet.

  2. Chris

    Take up day-trading on the stock market, or develop a gambling habit. :)

  3. Tracy

    Omg, I hope that first reply was not from out mother Jennifer…

    Shop on ebay for childrens clothes! They’re relatively cheap and the shipping is low. And shop for books - I love books.

    And eat of course. I have some Jelly Bellys at my desk that if you eat one by one will feel like you’ve eaten a lot of something else.

    Oh, and surf on the internet when I should be working/cleaning….

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