The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

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I found an abandon kitten two weeks before my divorced finalized. The first few days she was in my home were ridden with anxiety about the responsibility of caring for another creature. I wore my friends out with worrisome talk. Ever since I decided to keep her, I have driven my friends crazy with stories expressing her undeniable cuteness.

The week my divorce finalized, I began to tell my friends and co-workers that the guy I had been seeing was Chris. My timing for this disclosure was completely independent of my court date and was actually prompted by his department moving from our company’s main campus to my department’s suburban branch. I expected some sneers and looks of concern because of my quick transition into a new relationship. Instead, I was greeted by relief from one friend, “I thought you were going to turn into the crazy cat lady!”

I guess my acerbic words about marriage and my inexhaustible feline chronicles scared her.

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