I’m going to get real. Really real.

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Over the past year or so, I’ve gained 20#, going from 135# to 155#.  Some of that was muscle; a lot of it was fat. While I was the strongest I’d ever been, I also weighed the most I’ve ever weighed. The last half of the year was a completely whirlwind: LeanKit got funding. We bought & sold a house.  The whole family traveled to Australia. Then I had hip surgery.  It was a whole lot of craziness (albeit good craziness), and it’s left me feeling completely off. I was craving our usual routine and organization. 

Since Christmas, I’ve been getting back on track. We’ve hashed out a family routine, and I’ve started scheduling in a physical planner in addiontal to our online calendar (which allows Chris​ to know what is going on too). I’m also back to being healthier and going to the gym on days that I’m not working my butt off (literally) at physical therapy.

Now, as a fitness professional, I know that diet is the biggest part of weight loss. Thankfully, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve lost and gained weight over the years.  I wouldn’t call it yo-yo dieting because it’s not a really a diet. It’s more like eating healthy vs being too indulgent.  In order to keep myself more accountable & share my journey, I’ve created a Twitter account for my food pics & calorie counts. Feel free to follow it, comment, mock me, whatever. I might post other health related things; I might not.  You can also follow my food log on MyFitnessPal. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/sleepingkelly

Much love! KBH

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