Resolutions ‘11

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As this blog has documented, I’ve gotten really, really bad at following through on resolutions.  This year, my list is mostly a to-do, like reduce clutter, get a financial planner, etc.  The only true “resolution” is to give up diet soda.

My relationship to diet soda is a lot like a smokers relationship to cigarettes.  Well, maybe it’s not that deadly, but it’s that strong and addictive. I really struggle with this one. I’ve got two dietitian friends, and one firmly believes that all soda, even diet soda, is bad for you.  (The other is as equally addicted to Coke Zero as I am.)  However, I’ve been trying to eliminate processed foods from my families diet and replacing it with healthier options, and it doesn’t take a nutrition degree to realize diet soda is the ultimate processed food.  I mean, there’s nothing natural about that stuff.  It’s made of chemicals - delicious chemicals - but chemicals just the same.

Many, many years ago, I gave up caffeine, and since I don’t like Diet Sprite or 7up, I consumed very little soda.  I felt better physically than I had ever felt, and I was also the smallest that I’ve ever been.  At this stage in my life, giving up caffeine isn’t an option I’m willing to explore. I love my morning cup of coffee (albeit 3/4 decaff), and I enjoy drinking unsweet tea while dining out. There are women who can live with a toddler and live without caffeine.  I am not one of those women.

I know it’s only been four days, but it’s been hard.  I get Coke Zero cravings several times a day.  The coolers at the registers at the grocery store call to me.  I’ve been trying to replace my soda with water, but let’s face it - water sucks.  I told Chris that I would try it for three months and see if I feel better, but I think the reality is that I have to take it day by day and hope that three months come quickly.

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