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I’m sure most of you guys have heard about the major flooding in Nashville and Tennessee.  Our suburb was hit hard.  Thankfully we are safe, but one of our friends lost her home.  She currently staying with some other friends, but they’re home isn’t pet friendly so we volunteered to care for her two dogs.

The dogs, Cody and Shayne, are extremely sweet.  Lucy is getting along fine with them.  The only downside is the occasional accidents, but considering we’re use to a messy toddler and we’ve got hardwood floors, it’s really no big deal.  We’re just thankful to have floors for them to poop on.  The funniest part is the parade.  I’m use to being the grand marshal of a three creature parade; it’s now up to five.  I never have to pee alone!

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  1. Lisa

    That is so great of you guys to take in the doggies! Glad you all are doing ok!

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