2010 Resolution, Part Oops

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Well, I guess my monthly approach failed like most folks’ year-long resolution approach.  Life has gotten a little hectic around here, and I’ve forgotten to make myself a priority.  I still found time to veg out on tv while stalking my friends on Facebook, but I didn’t blog or work out.

However, I haven’t forgotten about my resolution to quit shopping so much.  In fact, I did a little reading on overshopping.  In my research, I figured out that I’m not an overshopper, or at least I’m not addicted to overshopping.  I definitely use it as a band aid for boredom, loneliness, and feelings of inadequacy.  All those things have the potential to become an addiction, but I don’t think I’m there yet.  I’m going to resolve to be more mindful of my attitudes and feelings while I’m shopping, but I don’t think it’s 12-step program worthy.

Over the next few months, I’m going to focus on approaching my life with an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude.  I’ve been blessed with so much, and my life would be much fuller if I find a way to be mindful of this.  I don’t need to add anything to it.  I need to spend my time giving thanks and not by spending time wanting.

In The Happyness Project, Rubin tells how she transformed time spent on mundane tasks, like waiting for the bus, into time spent on gratitude mediation.   I’m going to try this while I’m lying with Cecilia in bed trying to get her to sleep at night or naptime.  I’m also going to express more gratitude towards friends and family members.  I don’t do this enough even though I feel it.  I’m pretty sure it will only strengthen the already strong bonds.  I’m also going to try to project a positive attitude.  This is an area I struggle with.  My default is to be sarcastic and critical.  That doesn’t reflect the happiness and gratitude that I feel.  It’s going to be hard, much harder than cutting back on my shopping, but it’s something I need to do.

I’d love to hear any advice that you guys have to offer.  How do you give thanks? Do you have a grateful heart? What’s your secret?


  1. Amber

    I have a grateful heart. And the positive outlook of a fool. And too much hope. It is sometimes hard to convince myself to come back to reality.

    My secret is that I think about what others don’t have. For example, I think about people who cannot get pregnant but desperately want a child - so even when my kids are being very trying, I can be thankful that I at least HAVE them. Another example is that instead of thinking I have a teeny house and can’t afford anything bigger and poor me, I think of people who can’t afford anything and have to live on the streets or shelters with their families. Instead of being pissed at my SIL for standing me up for the 100th time in a row, I am thankful that she is finally following through with a parenting threat when she tells her boys that if they don’t behave they can’t come to my house. LOL In these examples, I feel so blessed to have my kids, my house and solid parenting values that my kids respond to. No ifs, ands or buts about any of it. And it makes me feel confident and happy and thankful. :)

    Etc, etc. :) Good luck and keep us updated!

  2. Jenn

    Good for you. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut eing sarcastic, critical, and really negative all the time. Since I had the baby percoset and antidepressants have helped some lol. Alas, I have no advice but if you figure it out please share with me.

  3. Lisa

    I think after the surviving some of the really bad decisions I have made in my past I learned to forgive myself. I am always thankful for my kiddo, I mean after being as sick as I was and wondering if we would lose him I feel the blessing of him every day. I am also thnakful I made it through the pregancy as well, it was really touch and go there. I feel I am a positive person bynature, yeah sarcastic sometimes but I love to laugh. I do suffer from OCD and generalized anxiety disorder. Through therapy, medication, some quiet time alone to garden,read and blog I have been able to live a happier,more balanced life. I think as I age I gain more clarity, more patience and more acceptance of myself. I thought being 35 would be awful but turns out it is not so bad.
    You have a beautiful daughter and a rockin’ hubs, they both love and adore you and that is worth more than any cute new standing mixer! hahaha:) (although still soooo tempting)

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