Sweaty Shade of Summer

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Starting with our courtship, I’ve been after Chris to keep the hvac unit off when the weather was nice.  I just have a hard time making sense flipping the thermostat from heat to cool without an off period in between.  There’s something refreshing about opening the windows and airing out a dusty house after a long winter.  Unfortunately, with Chris’s allergies, sleeping the windows open cause him to develop sinus infections.

I guess it was a good thing he had his sinus surgery in January and had his sinuses scraped out because our heating unit went out the week before we started our hardwood floor refinishing.  We figured we could live without it for a while since it was a nice temperature outside, it would be off during the renovations, and we were staying with his folks for a week.  Besides, hvac repairs can be expensive.

That was nearly a month ago. So far, so good though.  Early spring in Tennessee can be pretty enjoyable.  Plus I was hopeful that it was just the heating part, not the air conditioning.  Until today. It reached 87 degrees - 79 in the house.  No air conditioning.  We called the repair man.  He came. He went.  And $125 later, the house is still 79 degrees.

Chris also informed me that the Jeep’s AC went out too.  Ugh.


  1. Lisa

    Ugh… when it rains it pours…
    I love opening the windows, sitting on the porch, running only the ceiling fans but our allergies can handle only so much…

  2. Jennifer (mom)

    A cool front came through Arkansas today so maybe you’ll get it tomorrow. It’s really nice and cool tonight (66 at 9:00 pm)

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