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There’s a phenomenon that happens when you have toddlers called the common cold.  I know that’s not particularly unusual, but once children become part of your household, a cold can really cramp your style.  You see, it’s not just a cold; it’s multiple colds that are passed back and forth between all members of your family.  Each person mutates it just a little bit, thus making everyone’s newly created immunities worthless.

I have to admit that our most recent bout started with me, which I passed on to Cecilia, who passed it on to Chris.  (We also passed it to Chris’s parents, and they passed it on to his brother.)  However, there has been one bright spot in it all.  You see, a couple of weeks ago, I sent Chris to the store to get tissues with lotion because my nose had gotten raw from blowing it into toilet paper.  He’s pretty good at following directions, but he came home with this:

Usually when I send Chris to the store with a specific request, I really want him to stick to it, but this time, I was happy he took a gamble.  Opening the box of Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks Scent was like stepping into a menthol scented room.  It wasn’t just a hint of Vicks; it was a wafting cloud of Vicks.  They’re awesome.  I even slept with one shoved into my bra so that Cecilia, who was sleeping next to me, could get the benefit of VapoRub without all the sticky goo.  Every single member of Chris’s extended family loved them.  His mom bought 6 boxes at the store.  His cousin taped one to her face.  His dad put a piece of one inside his CPAP machine at night.

It’s my hope that these things really catch on.  I would be really disappointed if they were discontinued.  They’re not an every day tissue.   It’s definitely not a box that I’d put on the back of the toilet.  That location is reserved for plain tissues - ones that I can grab if I run out of toilet paper.  (I don’t think I need menthol down there.)  However, they’re awesome for stuffy noses!

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  1. Lisa Sivley

    I have to get those for Spencer! His allergies have flared up and he is totally snotty! Thanks for sharing your find.

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