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I’ve had cats my entire life. I love cats. In fact, I had one until I moved in with Chris, and then I had to give her away because he’s deathly allergic. (It was a very hard decision - my kitty or my boyfriend. Ridiculously hard.) Then today we have this adorable stray show up on our back porch.  She’s super friendly, even to Chris, and the baby loves her.  Pretty kitty loves Cecilia too.  The only thing is, if we keep her, she must to be an outdoor cat - for Chris’s health and my sanity. I just couldn’t add to the chaos, not to mention the pet hair.

However, it makes me wonder. I’ve never really been a big fan of outdoor only cats. I guess she would end up being more of a neighborhood cat. Our street already has lots of hobo kitties, which is alarming.  If I don’t find her picture on a flyer or on the side of a milk carton, I’m going to take her into a cheap vet for a once over and spay.  I’ll make sure to get her shots up to date, including her rabies vaccination, but that leaves me with a question.  Do I get her a collar for her rabies tag?  It would be registered in my name.  Do I go one step further and get her a pet id?  I don’t want her picked up by Animal Control, but I’m hesitant to be financial responsible (beyond preventative care) for a vagrant feline.

Here’s her picture (shot with my phone).  I’ve named her Roxy.  (All my children, human or beast, have a song with their name in the title. Do you know which one is hers?)  She’s mostly white with some muted calico markings.  She’s got blue eyes that are a little crossed, and I think she might have six toes on her right front paw.   Also, her meow is almost completely silent.  My neighbor, Jimbo, offered to help watch out for her and feed her.  What do you think? What would you do? Do you think outdoor only cats are okay or cruel?


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