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I love Craigslist.  I’ve bought and sold lots of stuff on that site, and I think it’s wonderful.  For the most part, Chris does all the pick-ups and deliveries.  (It’s just safer.)  Today I sent him to pick up one of my best finds ever - a $25 retro chair.

When I originally found the listing, he thought it was ugly, but when he picked it up, he was convinced that it was hideous.  I, on the other hand, saw great potential.  Not only do I think it’s perfect for our home, I think it would be great for my not-quite-a-reality photography business.  (There are some great examples by other photographers here, here, and here.)  The color is great (brown with bronze undertones), and the lines and shape is fantastic.

awesome chair

So, what do you think of the chair?  I think it will be great in pictures, but would you use it in your home too?


  1. Deborah

    Looks like a comfortable chair! I would use it if it were reupholstered. Good find!

  2. Amber

    I would use it with a cover on it, in a neutral-er colour. LOL

  3. Vicki

    Put Cecilia in that chair and snap away. Can’t wait to see the results. (I also think Chris will dose very peacefully in it.)

  4. tracy

    I think you like it because it looks like one Dad had when we were kids! I honestly thought it was that chair at first.

  5. Jennifer (mom)

    Wow. Your dad and I had matching gold chairs, similar to these. Probably in the 70’s. So that’s now retro? Makes me feel old!

  6. Veronica

    I’d use it if I had it covered first, that color is not my style. I want to see pics of Cecilia in it!

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