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When Chris was 6 years old, he packed a few belongings and left his parents a note saying, “I’ve gone on my travels. Don’t worry.  I will be back.”  He had planned to sneak out one night, but he was delayed by a day because his father had fallen asleep in the living room near the front door.  The next day his plans were foiled when his grandmother came searching for her crock pot, which Chris had taken for cooking while on his journey.

Chris’s mom still has that note stashed away in a forgotten safe place, and once she finds it, I’m going to have it professionally mounted and framed because it sums him up perfectly.  He’s an adventurer.  He’s not afraid of challenge or failure.  It’s one of the things I’ve always admired about him.  And it’s a trait that he’s passed on to our daughter.

Cecilia is an adventurer.  She has this innate need to explore, and she’s not afraid of anything.  If she’s awake, she wants to go, go, go.  And she fights the need to sleep because she’d rather be exploring.  (Unfortunately, she got my sleeping genes.)  My days are filled with chasing her around, redirecting her attention so that I can hide the breakables, and picking her up and moving her out of harm’s way.  I don’t dare go inside stores, and on the rare occasion that I have to go to Target, I strap her in my backpack carrier because she climbs out of shop cart seats.

Needless to say, most days I collapse into the sofa after she goes to bed.  I try to muster up the energy to pick up the toys that are scattered all over the living room floor, but I often struggle to do that because I know the toy box will explode all over again in the morning (and usually by 6am).   I have managed to get out of the house at least once a week with my Stay at Home Moms group.  Those ladies have been a real sanity saver (in addition to all the wine we usually drink at our events).  But if you notice a lag in my activity, it’s probably because I’ve checked out for the night and I don’t have energy to do anything beyond watching an episode of Law and Order (bump bump).

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  1. Veronica

    That’s why older siblings are great! Alex goes out to the backyard with his sister’s and plays to his hearts content and I watch from inside doing whatever I need/want to do..

    I’m glad you have a Mom’s group! I think the key to surviving the early years is to have a great support group of friends and to be able to get out and have a life other than being a mommy!

    Love Chris’s note!

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