1. Cut a Hole in Box. 2. Shove Your Baby in That Box.

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When I was a kid, my dad worked as a supply manager for our local hospital.  That meant two things: 1. We had lots of those plastic hospital tubs around, and 2. He had access to HUGE cardboard boxes.  I remember one weekend he brought home a box that had once contained a stretcher.  Conveniently, that was the same weekend that someone at church gave my sister a Wint-O-Green flavored Lifesaver candy.  I’m not sure if you remember Lifesaver’s old catchphrase, but it was “When you bite a Lifesaver in the dark, it makes a spark.”

During the entire church service, my sister and I plotted and planned to get inside the box, shielding out all light, to test out their slogan.  Much to our disappointment, it didn’t do anything.  I guess it was really to my sister’s disappointment.  I was just happy she wanted to do something with me (though I do vaguely remember her taunting me with it - forcing me to wait all afternoon to get inside the box).   However, while double checking my memory on the exact phrasing of the slogan, I did find some sites claiming that it will spark.  I guess we did it wrong!

That afternoon did teach me one very valuable lesson that I hope to pass on to my daughter - cardboard boxes are fun!  When we got a new car seat from Fed Ex last week, I knew that its box would come in handy.  Plus everyone knows that toddlers prefer boxes over whatever contents lie within them!

Once I checked out the car seat and decided it was a keeper, I cut door holes and windows into her new hobo house.  I also used an empty paper towel roll for a chimney.  Cecilia loves it!  She keeps taking toys inside of her new home!  Little Tykes and their $280 playhouse got nothing on cardboard!

baby in a box

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  1. Lolly

    That’s awesome! We always did the same thing. My grandmother even took contact paper and wall papered one particularly large one for us. So much fun!

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