Pantry Raid, Final Frontier

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I broke down and went to the grocery store today.  We were getting low on frozen veggies, and I was really hankering a fresh green salad.  I kept my budget low (only $100), and that included stocking up on cereal.  (Cheerios were on sale, and I had lots of coupons. Score!)

Here’s the meals that rounded out the my grocery shopping diet. I can’t remember the exact days that we ate what.  There were several duplicates since we have no problems with leftovers.  We also ordered in a couple times. As you’ll see, I did two big crock pot meals and used those several times throughout the week.

Sunday, August 23rd:

Pork chop with apricot bbq glaze, garlicky Parmesan peas, new potatoes, and sauteed garden squash.

Wednesday, August 26th:
whole chicken 1

Chicken breast (from a whole chicken cooked in the crock pot) with whole grains salad (grains, dried cranberries, garlic, onions) and sauteed squash.

Thursday, August 27th:
whole chicken 2

Chicken stir fry (with chicken from the whole chicken) over brown rice.

Friday, August 28th:
whole chicken 3

Pesto chicken whole wheat pasta. Again, chicken from the whole chicken from the crock pot, and pesto made with basil from the garden.

Sunday, August 30th:
turkey vegetable soup

Ground turkey vegetable soup. I used ground turkey leftover from Cecilia’s birthday party and a soup mix that we received for Christmas. I threw in a couple different frozen bag veggies (just what I had on hand). I froze the leftovers for future lunches for Chris.

Monday, August 31st:
pork loin 1

Pork loin with apricot bbq glaze (cooked in the crock pot), new potatoes, and fresh garden lemon cucumbers.

Tuesday, September 1st:
pork loin 2

Pulled pork sandwich topped with Caribbean Jerk sauce on homemade bun (left over from Cecilia’s birthday bash), mixed vegetables, and new potatoes.

Wednesday, September 2nd:
pork loin 3

Pulled pork sandwich, sauteed squash, and wheat berries salad (wheat berries, dried cranberries, feta, garlic, onion, cucumber, and choyote squash).

Friday, September 4th:
black bean burrito

Black Bean Burrito Bake with fruit salad.

Saturday, September 5th:
“Red Beans” and rice. It was actually Cannellini beans (white kidney beans) with mirepoix, tomatoes, brown rice, green peppers, and spices.
No picture - it was too tasty to wait!

Thanks for coming on this tasty journey with me.  If you have any questions about recipes, please email me.  I’m happy to share!  I’m going to keep trying to save money and use ingredients in my pantry stockpile.  Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like these!


  1. liza

    I’d love the recipe for the whole grains salad — and the wheat berries salad too if you think it would be ok without the feta (my daughter is allergic to dairy).

    It all looks so yummy!

  2. the Provident Woman

    That all looks so good!

  3. Jennifer (mom)

    Wow! This sure makes me hungry. I’d like to have the recipe for wheatberry salad.

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