Pantry Raid

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Did you notice that I stopped posting my monthly New Year’s Resolution updates? Oh. You didn’t? Good.

As you might recall, one of those resolutions was to spend less and save more.  Well, that all went to shit after we installed our new fence and had to go into credit card debt for the first time in two years to do so.  You’d think that would scare me straight when it comes to spending, but it didn’t.  With Chris working more, I’ve been finding comfort in shopping.  Things have gotten a bit out of hand.

My crazy shopping habit extends past clothes and household items.  It involves food.  Heck, it’s mostly food.  I really enjoy cooking and truly feel a stocked pantry is essential.  However, there’s a tipping point when you cross the threshhold from a foodie to a food hoarder, and I think I’ve crossed it.  I’ve got a full pantry, freezer/fridge, and deep freezer.

pantry raid 006

In order to save money and not let food go to waste, I’m going to avoid going to the grocery store until September.  The only exceptions will be for milk, eggs, ice cream, beer, and bananas.  (The last three are Chris’s essentials.)  After deciding to do this, I made a list of all the meals that I could make with the food in my stash without running out of ingredients.

pantry raid 002

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I have multiple varieties fish, chicken, pork, beef, and tofu in my freezer and fridge.  Let’s all say it together: Hoarder.  I also have lots of fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables in addition to the ones growing in my garden.  If there’s a natural disaster and food is scarce, you know who to see.

So it’s going to be interesting to see where my culinary journey will take us throughout the month.  It might get slim towards August 31st, but I doubt it. More than likely, it might lead to the bottom of my deep freezer. (Might is the key word there.)

Here’s yesterday’s dinner: Tilapia covered with BBQ rub, roasted squash, and curried rice (brown rice, curry, raisins, and pine nuts).

pantry raid 1

And tonight’s dinner: Grilled BBQ chicken, roasted vegetables (portobello mushrooms, garden grown carrots & squash, onions), grilled onions, and leftover curried rice.

pantry raid 014


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  2. Jennifer (mom)

    After 5 weeks on this HMR diet with only 11 entrees to choose from (and I have to eat 2 a day), I can’t tell you how DELICIOUS your meals look. Oh, my.

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