Tired, Part 2

A few posts back I alluded to some changes that are taking place in our household that have indirectly taken away my time and creativity that I used for writing.  (Wait. Did I ever publish that post? I don’t remember.)  I figure it’s time to finally explain that.  A couple months ago, Chris and two of his guy friends/former co-workers (herein referred to as “The Dudes”) decided to start their own business.  I was and am very excited about this.  It’s something that I was encouraging Chris to do (specifically with The Dudes) long before they ever approached one another about it.  Unfortunately, without any capital or funding, everyone must continue working their regular day jobs while trying to get the business started.

Chris has been and continues to be a great father and manages his three full-time jobs (regular job, new business, daddy-job) very well.  However, there are times when something has to give, and often it’s the daddy-job.  Most Saturdays he asks for half a day of uninterrupted time to focus on the new business.  Sometimes he leaves the house and camps out a local coffee shop; sometimes Cecilia and I find things outside the house to do, like visiting the zoo or hanging with his parents.  Occasionally, he asks for entire weekends to focus on the business.  Overall, though, Chris has been making the most sacrifices.  He pulls all-nighters, has a midnight conference call with his contractors Sunday through Thursday, and works while rocking the baby to sleep.  Also, he sets all work aside for special occasions like our anniversary weekend or Cecilia’s birthday.

It’s been tough, but I think we’re making it work.  That’s not to say that everything is sunshine and roses.  There is a certain level of tension.  We’re both tired.  Neither one of us is getting a much of a break from our jobs.  Unfortunately, I think that’s just part of the journey right now.  I’m very supportive of the business.  This is one of Chris’s lifelong dreams, and it could prove to be very financially successful for our family.  However, I’m tired and crabby.  Likewise, Chris understands that taking care of a very active, very determined toddler is exhausting, but he’s doing a lot.  In fact, he’s doing more than most men would ever consider doing.

With that said, I’m trying.  I’m trying to write more, but I’m also trying to keep myself busy so I don’t notice that my best friend isn’t around as much.  Thankfully, Cecilia has turned a new leaf when it comes to naps, and I’m now able to put her down in her crib!  I’m too afraid of making a noise and waking her to clean so I’ll try to blog more.  That takes care of the time factor, but I’m not sure how to conquer the creativity-block.

If you have any interest, Chris and The Dudes’ new business’s site is called Bandit Software, and their first product is LeanKit: Kanban.


  1. Lisa Sivley

    Sounds like life has really gotten hectic. I am so happy Chris has the opportunity to pursue his dreams. It is important to make the leap of faith in order to make dreams come true. Anything worth doing often takes tears, heart,time, sacrifice and sanity.Dan is at that same point of his life where he wishes to make his personal goals a reality and not just a pipe dream. It means he will be gone even more often with work, school, studying, etc. I can really relate. I know these sacrifices of time, energy, money are all for the bigger picture, our future and the betterment of our lives but sometimes I just miss him… it can be isolating I am always around if you need somebody…

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