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Last Monday, I joined two of my new gal pals from my moms group at zumba class.  Have you ever heard of zumba?  It’s an intense cardio workout based on a variety of latin and hiphop dances.  It’s an intense hour-long class that works and tones every major muscle group in your body.  I was really looking forward to attending because I’ve really reached a fitness rut.  As someone who used to workout every day for at least an hour without fail, I can’t seem to get to the gym, and the only way I get there is to agree to meet up with someone.

However, at the same time, I was really dreading the class because I have no rhythm. Like seriously, none.  I was in marching band my sophomore year of high school, and I faked playing the whole time because I couldn’t march and play.  Despite that, I still found myself out of step.  I haven’t been friends with these girls very long, and I’m still trying to sort of impress them.  I figured I would either 1. completely embarrass myself where I’m too ashamed to see them again, or 2. prove that I’m a big goober that’s worth keeping around.

Despite my fears, I had a good time.  I was completely lost most of that hour.  Even though there were 50+ women in the gym, I’m pretty sure the instructor kept looking at me like I was a lost puppy.  Maybe that’s because I would just jump up and down with the beat of the music when I couldn’t follow along with the steps.  I did have a good time, especially during the parts where you shake your hips.  I know I got that part right.

There’s just a few things worth mentioning about that night.  First, I realized that I really need to get out of the house regularly on a weeknight to do something with my friends.  I rarely do that because I’m afraid that it will interupt our regular dinner/bathtime/bedtime schedule.  However, Cecilia is getting to a point that she doesn’t need me to be there to go to sleep.  It’s good for my soul, and in return, it’s good for Cecilia.  Second, that particular zumba class is at a church.  It’s one of their ministries.  Despite being in a church, it’s a full-blown zumba class.  The only difference is that you pray before you shake your ass.  Third, I thought I had completely recovered from giving birth a year ago, but it appears that I need to do some kegel exercises less I wear diaper before my next zumba session.


  1. Amber

    That sounds like awesome fun! I’ve been hearing about zumba and very curious about what it really is.

    What did you play in marching band? I had the opportunity to join a marching band but declined because I didn’t think I could march and play at the same time. LOL

  2. Lisa Sivley

    Sounds like fun! Seriously though my breasts are so huge these days I am afraid I may black my eyes if I was to jump around. On a more serious note in spite of an emergency c-sec I too am in dire need of kegels! Everytime I laugh or sneeze…

  3. lauren

    Kelly, you are a big goober that is totally worth keeping around!!! I too have no rhythm…incase you didn’t notice my arms and legs DO NOT work together!!

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