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68. Breastfeed Cecilia for 1 year

Well, a year has come and gone, and I managed to successfully breastfeed Cecilia without an ounce of formula.  I have to admit that I’m sort of a breastfeeding snob.  Breast is best, and I feel slightly superior when I see moms give their babies bottles of formula.  However, that emotion has started to diminish over the past year because Dang! Breastfeeding is hard.  I’m very thankful that Cecilia and I were able to overcome our challenges and push our way through the last 12 months, but I can’t fault any mom who needs to give their child formula.  Those first 12 months (hell, 18 years) it is all about survival.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Cecilia never took a bottle so nursing was our only option.  Regardless to the circumstances, I’m happy that we found our way to the other side.  Now I just have to figure out how to get her interested in eating more solid foods and nursing less.

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  1. Lisa Sivley

    I certainly envy you and my friends that nursed. Sadly my milk never came in worth a darn. I tried everything and nothing really worked. To add insult to injury he was so underweight and had to eat from a special baby bottle ($50.00) for the first few months. Glad you made it a year!

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