12 months

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Dear Cecilia,

This week you turned one year old. Even though you were sick and we had to postpone your big party, we had a wonderful day filled with grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was very intimate and sweet, and, to a certain degree, I’m glad it worked out that way. It was a lot like your first day in this world. You were surrounded by people who wholeheartedly love you.

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Between illnesses (yours and mine), we managed to stay pretty busy with playdates and lunch get-togethers with friends. During our lunch with the McPhersons at Calypso Café, I noticed that you kept turning around and smiling at someone behind us, and when I finally turned to see who it was, I discovered the entire café staff, about ten people, were line up and smiling at you. The next week when we went to Calypso with Miss Bridget, a nice gentleman came over to say hi to you because you were smiling at him. All through lunch, you continued to wave at him. I have to admit, he was rather good looking. Since Miss Bridget is single, I don’t think she minded the extra attention. You make a good wingman!

On the days we were stuck at home because of illness, we cuddle up on the sofa, watched Yo Gabba Gabba!, and ate sherbet. I never thought I’d watch television and feed sweets to my not-quite one year old, but you were so restless and uncomfortable. It was the only way you’d sit still. It wasn’t ideal, but it still felt good to relax and cuddle together.


Over the past few weeks, it has become increasingly apparent that you’re becoming a unique and determined child and less of an impassive infant. It seems as though your chubby cheeks are disappearing as your face develops more curves and contours. I know that you have many, many years of growing ahead of us, but it is bittersweet to see this phase coming to a close. I’ll always look back on it fondly, but I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting you and your emerging personality.

I know it’s so trite to say it, but this past year has been quite an adventure. I’ve seen you grow from a helpless infant to a determined little girl. Your father and I often watch you toddle across the room in awe. I didn’t anticipate how truly amazing it would be to see you grow and develop. However, I think the most unexpected part of the past year has been my own metamorphosis. Being your mother has changed me permanently and for the better. I smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh, and hurt when you hurt. I’ve become more sympathetic to others and more accepting and open with my own feelings. I don’t know what this next year will bring, but I know it will include boundless amounts of love.



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