My Kid Has a Rash. Wanna Come Over?

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Cecilia will be one on Sunday, and I’ve been planning a big bash to celebration the occasion for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, today we had to postpone the event. Needless to say, I’m a little disappointed about it. However, I’m pretty sure that Cecilia is more upset since she’s the one with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.

Doesn’t that sound horrible? Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. It sounds like something that kids acquire when they have inadequate parents or an illness you get when you travel to a tropical climate.  In reality, it’s just a virus.  She actually caught it from a trip to the YMCA pool last Friday.  It started as a nasty rash on her bottom a few days ago, and this morning I noticed blisters on her feet.  Apparently, it’s normal for the groin area to breakout, but I guess Hand, Foot, Mouth, and Butt disease wasn’t as catchy.

The good news is that she should be much better by her birthday.   We decided, however, to go ahead and postpone the party.  Close to half of our guests have young children, and it’s really hard to convince people to come over when your child is recovering from an illness and shouldn’t be contagious.  I’m disappointed, but Cecilia won’t know any differently. Sunday night we’ll celebrate with family.  Later in the week, we’ll meet up with her best friend (who also caught it from the Y).  Then we’ll have a big party in late July.  The girl will think all birthdays last an entire month!


  1. Amanda Cordova

    …a month of bday? And it is so much better that way!

  2. Lisa Sivley

    Just think, you’ll have this really great story to tell her when she’s a big girl. We are sorry she got the funk though. I hope she is feeling more comfortable… my bff’s little one got it in daycare and he has little sores on his mouth and tongue and he was in such discomfort. Take care:) We look forward to celebrating her birthday soon

  3. bridget

    i’m sorry for giving your kid the funk. you have to promise to NEVER tell her that it’s all our fault that she had sores on her butt for her first birthday. hopefully gourmet cupcakes will make up for it.

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