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Tupperware Lid

Man, my kid loves going into the kitchen.  You’d think I’d forced her to stand outside the gates at Disney World all these months.  Whatever Cecilia thought she missed out on, she’s more than made up for it these past few weeks.  That little girl has explored every nook and cranny in the kitchen.  In fact, Chris had to install locks on all the cabinets last weekend.  We did, however, leave the Tupperware/spice cabinet unlocked and available to her (with select spices removed).  Since spices are cheap and Tupperware is nearly indestructible, we figured we should indulge her a bit.

Tupperware Lid

What I didn’t expect was to find jars of rosemary and thyme in both bathrooms and Tupperware lids peppered around the living room and bedrooms.  I understand the allure of spices, especially ones like mustard seed, as they have a fun rhythmic sounds when you shake them.  But container lids? I mean, Tupperware is awesome.  I was a dealer for a few months in order to support my own habit, but just a lid?

Tupperware Lid

It’s also created a whole other problem.  In addition to the challenges of photographing a super-mobile, super-fast child, I can’t get her to look at the camera!

Tupperware Lid


  1. Amanda Cordova

    Too cute! I should have just gotten her tupperware for her bday…but I guess she has enough of that!

  2. lauriehudgins@gmail.com

    From here on out most of the shots of your precious little one will be from the back of the head. I’m often frustrated when I have “cute photo op” ideas that end up with countless shots of his hiney and head.

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