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Hannah Montana Ticket

I rarely talk on the phone.  If Chris and I speak during the day, it’s on gmail chat.  As you can see, it’s a great place to have delicate conversations with your spouse.

me: did you go see the hannah montana movie on april 10?

Chris: yes, yes I did

me: well, there’s a ticket stub for it
on your side of the dresser

Chris: april 10
did we see a movie around that time?
I don’t think so
mustve been my 11 year old girlfriend

me: 7:15 on 4/10
for an adult
i think kids are 12 and under

Chris: well, yeah…me and her together

me: oh okay
diggin’ some miley cyrus, huh?
or did you go for billy ray?

Chris: hahaha

For the record, he also has  no clue where the post-it note came from either.


  1. Amber

    LOL That so rocks!

    Jon and I chat on Google Chat all day long too. Love it!

  2. Lisa Sivley

    ok now I know what to give him for his b’day, the new “Hannah Montana” CD!!! LOL

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