Floury Mess

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This week I started letting Cecilia explore in the kitchen while I cook and clean.  Previously we’ve strapped her into her highchair, but with her new found walking ability, she’s can no longer be pacified with Gerber baby puffs (or baby cheetos as the pediatrician calls them).  She wants to GO! GO! GO!


A few days ago, during her adventures, she discovered the Tupperware/Spice cabinet and had lots of fun pulling out all the lids and walking around with a very musical container of mustard seeds.  It was so cute, and since Tupperware lids have a lifetime warranty, I was more than happy to let her play with them.


Tonight, however, she found flour jar and dove right in.  For a split second, Chris and I debating stopping her, but it was way too cute.  The end result - a huge mess.  But flour is cheap and a smile on my daughter’s face is priceless. However, I’m going to have to find a new home for the flour.  She’s not likely to forget that fun soon.




  1. amanda cordova

    yeah she is walking!!!

  2. Amber

    Aw, sweet! I am so in love with her dress!

  3. Lisa Sivley

    She looks so happy and she is just so beautiful! I bet you are really busy now that she is walking. I am half excited for Spencer to walk and half petrified… let me know if you have any good tips. BTW did you make the cute dress?

  4. Janell

    She is so cute!! Looks like she had a lot of fun exploring. My son is only crawling but he loves to discover new places. He dosnt like to stay in his highchair very long either.

  5. liza

    these pictures are great — i especially love the first one with that cute dress! i found your blog from your siggy on SE — your daughter is adorable :)

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