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This weekend I washed my car.  That’s something I rarely do, partially to save on water but mostly because I’m lazy.  Since we’ve owned the car for 10 months now, I figured it was time.  Unfortunately, while shining up my blackened-with-soot tires, I noticed that someone had stolen all the lug nut caps on my passenger side.  Normally, I would assume that they had fallen off when I hit a curb, (Embarrassingly, that happens every time I go to our neighborhood Walgreens.) but all ten were missing on the same side so that tells me it wasn’t my fault.

On Tuesday, I checked eBay to see the going rate for Audi lug nut covers.  I was surprised that they were only $16.99, which included free shipping.  Considering an additional car key is $400, I thought $17 was a real steal!  I promptly ordered them (though in my mind, I wondered, “Am I just paying to buy back my stolen ones?”)  I was so happy when they arrived in the mail today. I would no longer be driving a ghetto fabulous car! At least that’s what I thought.

My car is a different kind of ghetto fab now - the chrome variety.  When I ordered the caps on eBay, I made sure to order the chrome colored ones as opposed to the red or blue variety that were also offered.  It didn’t cross my mind that they were chrome not basic silver colored.  Thankfully they mostly blend in with the car, or at least I hope they do.  And they do look nice.  actually, they put the rest of my wheels to shame.  Maybe I need to buy some spinners to match.

CHROME lug nut covers


  1. Lisa Sivley

    How random that somebody stole your lug nut caps… these look purdy though!

  2. Maryetta


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