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I realize things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  Truth be told, I just don’t have anything to say.  I’m so exhausted after chasing a über mobile baby around all day that I just collapse into the sofa and veg out watching TV every night.  Plus I use up all my creative energy trying to entertain Cecilia that I just can’t write.  There are only so many games of peek-a-boo that a person can play before their brain disappears without returning.  Here’s a short list of things that are almost blog worthy.

Our local squirrels (the ones that drive Lucy nuts) have been snacking on my lettuce in the garden.  I started designing some kind of contraption to keep them out, but then I realized that it would cost more to build than to just buy lettuce at the grocery store.  I let Lucy chase them a couple times, but it seemed to make her crazy flare up.  When I googled it, some obscure website suggested sprinkling the plants with coffee grounds.  So far, that’s worked.  The lettuce is flourishing, and the squirrels are nowhere to be found.  Even if they did eat it, it would be worth watching their coffee buzz.

Cecilia is getting much better at eating solid food.  Today she devoured a dill pickle spear at Panera, which means she belongs in my family.  Confessing your love for pickles is sorta like being baptized and delivered into the Baker clan.

Right now I’m trying to find a post-industrial country that doesn’t have their own version of “American Idol” so I can move my family there and claim asylum.  I’m just not into those shows, and while I have no problem with other people watching them, I’m starting to feel isolated because it’s all the rage right now.  Tonight I’m going to a women-only event, and I’m afraid they’ll chase me out with when I don’t know who won AI last night. (Or was it the night before last?)

So that’s all I have to report.  This post is probably full of typos, but Chris fell asleep while rocking the baby so he can’t edit it.  (And I’m definitely not going to wake him.)  I need to get the yogurt out of my hair and bandage my ingrown toenail before my night out.  Mommas gonna have a couple glasses of wine with her gal pals.


  1. Lisa Sivley

    It is so easy to forget to be yourself once in a while. Ya know you get so wrapped up being Mommy and wife (Superwoman) that sometimes who we are inside gets kinda lost in the shuffle. Glad to know you are having a ladies night out… time to be just Kelly. Ahhh take a deep breath and then inhale wine:) you deserve it!

  2. amanda cordova

    I would say Iceland or Costa Rica are good bets for a move…

  3. Morgan

    We do not watch American idol or have we ever. So you find that counety and chuck, Mackenzie and I will move with you!!!!

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