Better Than Baby Einstein

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Though we haven’t seen it, Chris and I have a sneaking suspicion that Cecilia is cutting her second tooth.  In the wee hours of the morning, she kept us him up for hours screaming as he tried to rock her back to sleep.  Even though my loving husband lets me sleep through most of night awakenings, I have a hard time getting good sleep because I’m worried about Cecilia and because I feel super guilty.  (To be honest, it’s mostly the guilt.  I know she’s in good hands.)  Needless to say, this combined with the illness that will not die caused me to get very piss-poor sleep.  (I’m too tired to be eloquent, bite me.  Oh, who am I kidding? I’m never classy.)

I was really hopeful that Cecilia would take a long nap today and that maybe, just maybe, I could join her.  Unfortunately, those aspirations were quelled by the sound of a chainsaw.  Our local electric co-op decided to TODAY would be the best day to do it’s bi-annual tree trimming, which included our large maple trees in the front yard.   As I’ve previously explained, Lucy barks at strangers who knock on our door.  You can only imagine what she did when a truck load of power tool wielding men worked in our yard.  Chaos followed.

Eventually, she settled down, and she and Cecilia took position at the screen door.  Both were fascinated by our new friends.  After a few minutes, the trimmers realized they had an audience and started to laugh.  This caused Cecilia to laugh.  Then hilarity ensued and made up for the lost nap.




    absolutely precious! i don’t think it can get any cuter than that!

  2. Lisa Sivley

    Hope you guys are able to nap soon! That is wonderful that Chris tends to her at night, Dan is responsible in the early am hours:) thank goodness for wonderul husbands!

  3. Liz

    That pictures is so adorable!

  4. MommyAmy

    We hire a service to come trim our lawn every other month and my girls think it’s VERY entertaining!

    Adorable picture!

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