Motherhood 2009

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On my first Mother’s day, I’d like to share some of the things that I’ve learned about motherhood since Cecilia arrived:

  • Promptly after bringing your baby home, your dog suddenly becomes a dog and no longer your first born.
  • Dandelions are no longer weeds when you see the pure joy they bring your child.
  • Sounds effects will become part of your daily vocabulary, and you will find yourself making them when you’re completely alone and in the presence of strangers.
  • Once you have a child, mortality becomes very real. Also, the “What if’s” become unbelievably scary.
  • Mother’s feel a great sense of accomplishment - when your child takes her first steps, when strangers compliment her, when you pull a gigantic booger out of her tiny little nose with a bulb suction, etc.
  • Until you become a parent, you cannot fully comprehend what it meant to pray a prayer of thanksgiving. The same goes with a prayer of protection.
  • You start to notice when people drive way too fast in your neighborhood, especially that guy who lives down the street and drives a white Mitsubishi Eclipses.
  • Getting covered in slobbery open mouth kisses by a toothless, slightly bald person is the best feeling in the world.

What does motherhood mean to you?

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  1. Lisa Sivley

    wonderfully true in all ways. Happy first Mother’s Day to you! Here is to many, many more!

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