Ten Months

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Dear Cecilia,

You’re ten months old today! Double digit months! Wow! Unfortunately, you greeted the day with a 101.5 fever, which has made you extremely uncomfortable. After you whimpered at my breast, I knew it was time to visit the pediatrician’s office. You clung to me the entire time, but you still managed to smile through your discomfort at everyone there. Your sweet personality never ceases to amaze me. Even though you protest at being poked and prodded (literally – rectal thermometer), you settle back down and return to your sweet self.


You’ve become very interactive this month, playing games, giving kisses, and waving goodbye. Every afternoon, I lie on the floor, and you use me as your own personal jungle gym. You cover my face with slobbery kisses and we roll toys back and forth. (Well, actually, I roll toys to you, and you bring them back to me. It’s really more of a game of fetch.) We’ve also started dancing around to silly songs during the day. Now, when an upbeat song comes on the radio, you start waving your hands to the beat. I have to say, sweet girl, you’ve got better rhythm than I do. You must have picked that up from your father.

This month your separation anxiety has kicked it into high gear. Last week, we were visiting your grandparents, and you refused to be out of my site. I even had to take you with me to the restroom. It felt a little silly since we were in a familiar place filled with familiar, loving people, but it was heartbreaking to hear you cry for me. If I can do something as simple as letting you play at my feet while I pee to keep you from crying, I will do it. That is, assuming the bathroom is clean.


Your separation anxiety has also kept you from sleeping through the night. Your daddy and I had originally planned on having you sleeping in your crib in your room by this time, but as I learned quickly into my mommyhood, plans are meant to fail. You’ve now taken up residence between us for several hours each night. We weren’t huge fans of co-sleeping. We just didn’t think it was right for our family. However, we are huge fans of sleeping, and you sleep better when you’re next to me. To be honest, I enjoy it. I have you in my arms, daddy’s foot is touching mine, and Lucy puppy is sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed. It’s such a warm, cozy feeling. I know I’ll look back to these nights fondly for the rest of my life. I’m happy we decided to go with the flow and threw out our plan.




  1. Lisa Sivley

    so touching… she sure has grown! love this last pic, lots of personality

  2. Veronica

    Cecelia is growing so fast. I can’t believe our babies are almost 1, it’s amazing. She is precious :)

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