Give Me Your Tired and Weary (glass bottles)

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When I was a kid, my Aunt Berryl had this cool bottle with a stopper in her kitchen for dish soap.  I’m not sure what I specifically liked about it (a cool color, maybe?), but I’ve wanted to recreate it ever since.  When my plastic Method dish soap bottle poo-poo’ed out on me with plenty of liquid still inside, I seized the opportunity! What a fun way to spice up your kitchen and recycle glass at the same time.  All you need is a pour spout!

I used one of Chris’s old whiskey bottles.  It’s heavy and thick so I don’t have worry about it breaking when the garbage disposal vibrates the entire counter.  Also, I was hoping it would inspire Chris to do the dishes without me asking.  Surprisingly, I think it’s working!


A tip - You may want to add a little water to your dish liquid to get the desired viscosity.  If it’s thick as molasses, you’re going to curse it (and me) every time you wash the dishes, like more than usual dish washing curses.

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  1. Lisa Sivley

    What a cute and innovative idea! I may have to try this once my Seventh Generation bottle is empty. Where do you reccomend pourchasing the spout?

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