Blame It on the Rain

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It’s Earth Day, and I have a confession.  I waste water.  I waste a lot of water.  Every night I take a long, hot shower.  It’s one of the few places that I can be completely alone.  No baby.  No dog.  No husband.  It’s where I get my daily “me time”, and I’m not keen on cutting it short.  I realize that shorter showers are better for the environment.  I acknowledge that they would reduce my utility bill.  I even know that they would be better for my skin. I just can’t do it.  I need that time for my sanity.

In order to compensate for my long shower addiction, I’ve taken a couple steps to conserve in other ways.  First, I installed the low-flow shower head.  Second, I don’t water my lawn.  This really isn’t an effort to save as much as it is apathy.  The yard is mostly weeds with a few small patches of grass anyway.  Third, I bought a rain barrel.  Technically, Chris bought me the rain barrel.  He brought it home one day as a surprise.  He definitely knows how to get me all hot and bothered!

A rain barrel is exactly what it sounds like - it catches rain. We attached ours, like most folks, to one of our gutters. After a good rain, it fills up to the brim, and the “caught” rain water can be used to water the plants in the yard or used to rinse off muddy gardening tools. Many commercially purchased rain barrels are often recycled food storage barrels. (Yea for recycling!) Ours emanates a jalapeno pepper smell.

I realize that I’m not conserving as much water in my barrel as I’m using in my long showers, but it’s a good place to start.

Rain Barrel

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  1. darlene robinson

    Hello Kelly, I just received Owliver today in the mail. He’s inspired me to do a blog post. Come see!
    Have a great day! and enjoy your luxury shower.

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