2009 Resolution Monthly Review: March

In an effort to keep my resolutions, I’m reviewing my progress each month.

Ohhh March, You were not good to me.  Or rather, I wasn’t good to you.

March brought a lot of necessary expenditures that we’d been procrastinating for a while-high chair, stroller, gardening supplies.  We also ate out more than we should have.  Unfortunately, shopping and dining kept me from purging the extra clutter and posting more.

Last month, in an attempt to limit spending, I went an entire week without buying anything.  The end result? I bought A LOT of stuff right afterward.  On the seventh day, God rested; on the eighth day, Kelly shopped.  For the rest of this month, I’m going to focus on buying earth friendly products.  I realize that organic and eco-friendly things tend to be more expensive, but I think that will work in my favor.  I’m less likely to make impulse buys of higher price point items.  Plus, eco-friendly doesn’t always mean new stuff.  It also means using what you have, learning to live with less, and buying second hand and refurbished.  Unfortunately, it will also mean cutting out my daily trip to Sonic.  I really (really, really) love my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, but they serve them in Styrofoam cup.  And unless I can convince them to fill my reusable mug, I’m going to force myself to live without them.  That is, by far, the greatest sacrafice of all.


  1. Lisa Sivley

    Guess it is time to get some cherry syrup and Diet Dr P and make em at home, not the same I know but maybe it will still be yummy…

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