“Cecilia, Earmuffs.”

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My stepmother is an audiologist so I grew up with a knowledge of decibels and its affect on hearing.  With my recent war on dog hair, I’ve become acutely aware of the volume of the vacuum cleaner.  I love my dyson, but I love Cecilia’s hearing more. At first, I tried leaving Cecilia in her pack’n'play while I vacuumed in the other room, but she was upset by the loud noise and disappearance of her momma.  I also tried waiting until Chris was home so he could hang with her while I vacuumed, but that didn’t happen as frequently as needed.  Two weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Peltor Junior Earmuffs.

I was a little worried that Cecilia wouldn’t tolerate them, but I was happily surprised that she was completely ambivalent.  Now I can clean the floors without permanently damaging her hearing, and, as an added bonus, she looks stinkin’ cute in them!


(That’s a drink coaster in her mouth.)


  1. Nicki

    These are awesome!

  2. MommyAmy

    Oh my she is adorable in those pink ear muffs! What a great idea! I still have to wait until my girls are in bed before I can vacuum. For some reason the noise doesn’t wake them up, but they scream bloody murder if I do it while they’re awake.

  3. Deborah at Coco Bonbons

    She is adorable!!! What a great idea. Those earmuffs are perfect.

  4. Amber

    Oh my, SO CUTE!!

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