Ignorance is Bliss (for my bank acct)

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Sometimes after meeting up with our playgroup, I feel like I’m neglecting Cecilia because I see how little she has in comparison to other kids her age.  But then there are moments like these when I realize that she doesn’t know or care.  (It’s worth noting that there’s a brand new $30 push toy in the background.)

Laundry Basket from sleepingKelly on Vimeo.

Next time I feel the need to rush out and buy her a new toy to further her development, I’ll just get out some Tupperware and cardboard boxes.  After all, this ignorance to monetary value won’t last forever.   I should probably just save the money in anticipation for her teen years.

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  1. Shanna

    This made me laugh out loud! Isn’t that the truth?! :)

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