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61. Master the art of cut-out cookies

Growing up with divorced parents, we alternated houses for major holidays so we didn’t have many traditions.  However, one that managed to reappear every year was my stepmother’s sugar cookies with red hots at Valentine’s day.  I always enjoyed those cookies and look back at that memory fondly.  It’s a tradition I want to continue with my family.

With that in mind, I also thought this would be a great opportunity to knock another item off my to do list.  I don’t think I actually “mastered” the cut out cookie, but I did manage to get them into a decipherable shape without the whole process ending in tears or a long stream of curse words.  They do look a little bit like mangled hearts, but this is probably more of a batter problem than a cut out issue because I ran out of butter.  We use between 0-3 tablespoons of butter a week - mostly depending on my bread recipe - so I rarely buy the stuff.  Instead I substitute 1/4 cup of butter flavored shortening (leftover from making Thanksgiving pie crust.  That stuff doesn’t go bad, right? I mean, it’s shelf staple.).  I chilled the dough for several hours, but shortening doesn’t stiffen like butter.  All things considered, I think they turned out well.  I think Chris would agree too.  We ate the entire batch last night.

Just for reference, here’s the recipe I used.  It’s from the Mrs. Field’s Cookie cookbook that I swiped from my mom.


  1. Amber

    Those look great! Good job! I so don’t have the patience to roll out dough and cut it, so I really admire you for that!

  2. Veronica

    They turned out awesome!

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