Sweater Stone!

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I’m usually pretty leery of ad campaigns that offer you free product if you mail them a check for shipping and handling. To me, they just scream “Gimmick,” but when I came across an offer for a free Sweater Stone, I thought twice. The Sweater Stone company claims that their product “has the unique ability to remove pilling from knits,” and since I have several relatively new sweaters that already look a little tattered, I decided I’d take a chance. I figured that $4.99 in shipping and handling is much less than I would spend replacing my sweaters, and if it was a bust, I only cost me five bucks.

Well, my sweater stone arrived this week (several weeks sooner than their obligatory 4-6 week estimate.), and HOLY SMOKES this thing works. It was able to revive one of my favorite sweaters that I had given up on because it had millions of little pills all over the breast area. (Why do pills always show up on the boobs first? Do I just run into things with my girls or does the shirt feel it needs its own nipples?) The Sweater Stone company is still offering free stones if you send a check for $4.99. I’d highly recommend taking them up on their offer.


  1. Emily

    Does it work better than a normal sweater shaver?

  2. sleepingKelly

    I’ve never had any luck with sweater shavers. I don’t know if I’m just doing it wrong or if I have a crappy shaver. I guess I’d have to say yes, it’s better. The Sweater Stone company claims it’s a gentle way to shave sweaters, and I’d have to agree

  3. Annette Piper

    Wow, I’m off to check this out - I wonder if they send o/s!

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