Seven Months

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You turned seven months old this week, and this past month has ushered in big changes, both in your life and in the history of our country. The world is a much better place than it was several months ago, and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

On the 20th of January, we saw the first African American being sworn in as President of the United States. I don’t think you’ll ever understand the magnitude of that day, and I hope you never will. I feel like each generation overcomes a little more than their parents as we slowly strip away the hatred and callousness of our past. The election of Barack Obama shows that our society believes in equality for all humanity. The country and the world are better than they once were. I hope we never forget where we came from, but I hope we can forget the intensity of the pain and anger.


You spent quite a bit of time refining your mobility skills this month. You’ve gotten very speedy with your crab crawl and rolling combination and need constant supervision. This has inspired me and your daddy to install bumper pads on our fireplace hearth. You’re also backing yourself into a sitting position and pulling up. One day you even tried to pull up on the puppy! There have been several falls and bumped heads in the process, but you settle down quickly with a comforting nursing session.


I’ve also made you several flavors of baby food this month, including sweet potatoes, peas, and pears. Surprisingly, you haven’t showed much interest in eating the food. (Playing with it is a different story!) We also mashed up a banana for you, and though you enjoyed it, it made you a little constipated. You didn’t mind, but since I’m the one that had to change your diaper when you finally did poop, I decided we should wait a little while before you eat banana again. I’m okay with you taking your time to eat solid foods. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that I would no longer be providing all of your nutrition. It feels good to know that my body can take care of you, and it feels even better to know that you prefer momma’s milk over sweet potatoes.

This month we’ve gone out and met lots of new people. You even met your wild Uncle Curtis. He lives in San Francisco, California and doesn’t get to visit very often. I know you won’t see him as often as your Uncle Jonathan and you won’t know him as well as your Uncle Bill, but he loves you very much and thinks the world of you.


Your daddy and I also went on several dates while you stayed home with your grandparents. You did great while we were gone, even when we stayed out until 1:00 am on New Year’s Eve. I really had a good time with your daddy. It’s very important that he and I reconnect and spend quality alone time together. However, it feels so good to walk through the front door and see your face light up at the sight of your momma. You automatically reach out for me, and once you’re in my arms, you hold on tight. Moments like that remind me that we’ve got a special connection and make me fall even deeper in love with you.



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    What an absolutely adorable little girl!

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