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I have several pregnant readers that will soon become first time moms.  A couple of them have asked me for product recommendations for their baby registry, and that got me thinking about what I wanted and needed during those first few weeks of motherhood.  I think too often the focus is on the baby and making sure she has the right clothing, bedding, and diapering and not enough attention is given to the postpartum mother.  If we ever have another child (if is key), here are a few items that I’ll have around.

Washlet by Toto (starts around $400).

When Chris went to Japan, he fell in love with having his bum sprayed with warm water, and he’s been petitioning for a washlet ever since.  In his words, “If you got crap on your hand, you’d wash it with water.  You wouldn’t just wipe it off.”  Well, the whole thing seemed a bit extravagant to me.  Then I had a baby, and pain in my nethers kept me from pooping for three days.  A washlet is much easier than a peri-bottle and more dignified than a sitz bath.  Plus it would fulfill Chris’s dream.

Adjustable Shower Nozzle by Gaiam ($10)

I’ve written about this shower head before, praising it’s earth-friendly low flow and adjustable valve that allows you to take navy showers.  I thought I loved it before, but I think I was just infatuated.  I discovered a deep love and appreciation for that valve when my newly lactating boobs turned into ultra sensitive boulders.  (Not that I’ve mentioned that before.) The ability to dial down the pressure and apply warm water to my aching breasts was a God sent.  Oh, Gaiam shower nozzle, how I love thy gentle touch…

Angelcare Deluxe Movement Monitor ($140)

Technically this is a baby item, but it’s for your peace of mind.  The first night of Cecilia’s life, I laid awake in our hospital room staring at her while Chris snored.  I was scared out of my mind that she’d stop breathing if I fell asleep.  This monitor detects the tiniest movement, even small breaths, and if doesn’t pick anything up for 20 seconds, it sets off a loud alert.  It’s hard to catch some zzz’s those first few weeks;  the last thing you need is your crazy postpartum hormonal paranoia keeping you up.

Step Stool  ($25)

We have a tall bed, and when I was pregnant, I had a hard time climbing into it.  However, I couldn’t justify spending money on a stool when I only needed it for a few months.  Then an internal battle took place between my body and my uterus, and I needed help getting out of my adjustable hospital bed.  My sweet brother-in-law bought this stool for me the day before we got home (bless him), and it help me crawl slowly into bed.  Thankfully it’s a practical thing to have around the house to this day.  I mean, it’s a stool.   Everyone can use a stool!  Right now it’s functioning as a place for Chris to sit while giving Cecilia a bath.

Alright, that’s all the not-so-obvious products that I can think of.  I’d also recommend preparing some make-ahead meals during your 8th month, sending your pups to doggy daycare that first week, and having the name and number of a local lactation consultant in your dayplanner. What do all you experienced mothers out there recommend?



    Thanks for the recommendations- I would NEVER have thought of any of these things. Right now we are getting tons and tons and tons of baby stuff from a lot of moms around town, and I keep thinking to myself, how many eenie tiny socks and washcloths and bibs can one human need? Surely I must be overlooking something…something like a bidet.


    -I tell all expectant moms to make sure to have some extra large stretchy receiving blankets. Those little babies are a lot happier when they are wrapped up tight and it’s pretty hard to do with an everage receiving blanket. (this will help the mom - trust me)
    -Vicky Iovine “Girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy” Priceless. Has a section on postpartum stuff
    -Microwave sterilizer for breast pump accessories. I went back to work when my baby was 6 weeks old. Being able to quickly sterilize all the parts was absolutely a godsend.


    I thought of a few more.
    - hands free pumping bra. I LOVED this. You can use a remote, eat, drink, talk on the phone, check email - all while pumping! It should be noted that this scared the hell out of sleeping kelly.
    -Button down pajamas. Bring a few pairs to the hospital. Access to your breasts will be very important - I thought pajamas were much better than a traditional hospital gown

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