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I’m so thankful for digital cameras.  How awesome is it that we can now snap away without worrying about the cost of film and development?  You never have to worry about losing the pictures of your vacation because you accidentally opened the back of your camera or because you misplaced that roll of film in your luggage.  We no longer have to keep up with negatives or print that obligatory picture that you took of Aunt Sarah opening her Christmas gift.  As long as you upload to your pictures to photo sharing site, like Flickr or Snapfish, you won’t even need to worry about your hard drive crashing.  And Aunt Sarah?  You can delete her from your camera’s memory card when she’s not looking.

Of all the digital camera functions, the quick delete is probably my favorite, or at least, it comes in super handy, especially when my dog is around.  You see, Lucy has a strange fear of cameras.  I’m not sure why; my camera doesn’t even make any noise.  Maybe she picked up the behavior from me. (See #74.) Regardless of where she learned it, she’s scared of them, and for the last few months, she’s been putting herself between the camera and the baby.  I assume she’s being protective.  However, she’s not aggressive about it and to a certain degree, it’s cute.  But only to a certain degree.  She has ruined countless shots over the past six months, and if I had been working with a traditional 35mm that used costly film, I’d be more than just irritated.

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

Lucy's Nose

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    that’s hysterical. lola was protective and watchful, but not in the “nosey” kind of way.

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