Number 69, Check

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69. Habitually apply moisturizer with SPF to my face daily

I have a routine when I get out of the shower: Q-tip ears, apply deodorant, comb hair, in that order.  In fact, I’m a little OCD about it.  One time I went out of town and forgot to bring Q-tips, and I freaked out a little.  Over the past couple months, I’ve incorporate moisturizing my face to the routine.  Given I usually shower at night, I figure applying it at any time during the day is better than none at all.  I’ve also started using it before applying make-up, but that’s a surprising rare occassion.

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    I’m OCD about my routine as well. Dry, Q-tip ears, MK Timewise Day Solution, MK age-fighting moisturizer, deoderant and then hair!

    I’m a rare make-up user as well.

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