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Is it too late to talk resolutions?  It’s been 2009 for eight days now, but it’s still January.  Well, I suppose aiming to improve yourself is good at any point in the year. Let me start by looking over last year’s resolutions and see if I accomplished them.

1.  Use all my kitchen appliances twice or forfeit them to Goodwill.  I actually took this one to heart.   I gave away or donated a blender, crock pot, stand mixer, steamer, and food processor.  I’ve got a dehydrator and mini food processor ready to go in my Goodwill pile by the back door.  I have to admit that I didn’t use my ice cream maker, but I stored it in my attic space with the Christmas tree and the backseat cover for Chris’s jeep.  It’s really more of a seasonal item, and I’dlike to think I’ll use it this year.  If I don’t, I’ll give away next January.  One good thing that happened because of this resolution (besides clearing space in the mudroom)–I started making all of our bread.  I was afraid that I’d have to give up my bread machine.  Now I use it so much that I upgraded to a better machine.  (I also gave away my beginner bread machine.)

2. Blog more. Hmm…there were some months I blogged more.  Unfortunately, during those months when I was as big as a whale, I didn’t.  In my defense, whales don’t have hands.

3. Save more.  If I’m being honest, we have no more savings now than we did before.  We did, however, pay off our credit cards.  I know how to pay bills, but I don’t know how to save.  Two totally different creatures.  Well, maybe not that different. They’re more like cousins; sometimes kissing cousins.  At least we ended their heavy makeout sessions.

My 2009 resolutions really just build on last year’s.

1. Reduce clutter - physically and mentally.  In the past, I moved a lot, at least once a year.  Nothing motivates you to do a big purge like packing and unpacking all your crap.  Fortunately (and unfortunately), we’ve established a permanent residence in our small, comfy home. (Note small.)  We also added an additional person, and though she is tiny, the amount of stuff she brought with her is huge.  It’s time to pare down.  Plus all the clutter is burdensome.  On the mental front, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety because I have too many things on my to-do list and not enough time to do them.  At least not enough time when I have both hands free.  (Did I mention that I’ve written all this while Cecilia is asleep on my right arm?  It’s numb from the elbow down.  Oh yeah, I’m also right handed.)  This year I’m going to do some soul searching and find what I’m passionate about, and then I’m going to clear out the rest.

2. Blog more.  Blog about new things.  Post more pictures that aren’t Cecilia and Lucy.  I’d also like to update the look of the blog, but that’s really more of my hot tech husband’s job.  I’d also like to get more readers and regular comments.

3. Save money.  With the current recession, it’s imperative we establish an emergency fund.  I definitely don’t want to max out the credit cards that we worked so hard to pay off.  We’ve already cut back on dining out.  We spent an embarrassing amount on take out last year.  (Whales don’t cook.)  I’m also making good use of the deep freezer that we bought for storing expressed breast milk by stocking up on meat when it’s on sale.  (It’s nice that we found a good use for it since the kiddo still refuses to take a bottle.)  I’ve got enough food in it that I can probably skip grocery shopping for at least a month.  For the next month or two, we’ll probably make just the minimum payments on my student  loans until we’ve established our emergency fund.  This year I think we’ll enlist the help of a financial adviser.  Chris wanted to do this last year, but I objected, which was probably ignorant of me, because I thought I could pay off our debt myself.

Hopefully, if I actively pursue one of these resolutions, the others will fall into place.  Saving money means buying less stuff, which will help reduce the clutter.  Of course, with less clutter to deal with,  I’ll have time to focus on my passions, which includes blogging and photography.  I think this is going to work out - I guess we’ll see.  Unfortunately, Cecilia has woken up and my free time, albeit one handed free time, is up.



    Thanks for the facebook message about the baby; David and I are getting excited and trying to live it up as a single couple for as long as we can. I’ve really enjoyed watching Cecilia grow up and hearing about your life in Tennessee. As for me, I’ve set the bar pretty low for resolutions. 1. Have a baby. 2. Find a name for said baby. 3. Try to accept help whenever it is offered. 4. Keep breathing. I think it will be a productive year.

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