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Last night, sleepingKelly ate Cinnamon Life cereal, and I didn’t get the chance to brush my teeth for nearly an hour after I woke up because Cecilia needed tending to.  Ugh.  Cinnamon cereal gunk in my teeth.  I will never understand her obsession with dry breakfast food.  I may ask Chris to start locking the cereal in the deep freezer at night with the chocolate and cookies.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of photography blogs that I follow, Pioneer Woman Photography, featured one of my photos in her latest post.  That definitely made my day.


  1. veronica525@gmail.com

    Do you have to keep a lot of things locked up or do you usually go after certain things?

    I saw your photo on Pioneer Woman, that is awesome! And it was a great photo!

  2. sleepingKelly

    It’s usually the same stuff - high carb, high sugar foods - candy, chips, cereal, etc. However, if that’s not available, I’ll go after other things, like lunch meat, which isn’t as bad since it’s lower in calories.

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