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Like most Americans, we’ve been cutting back our spending due to the recession, and the person who has felt it the most is Lucy.  Previously we were taking Lucy to doggy daycare.  Attending daycare gave her much needed exercise and helped keep me from losing my sanity due to her neurotic squirrel chasing.  At first, keeping her at home presented a challenge since we don’t have a fenced yard and toting a baby while holding a leash to a dog searching for the perfect poopin’ place gets to be a balancing act.  This is especially true on wet, windy days when it’s bitterly cold - too cold for Chris to walk her in the morning before he leaves for work and too cold to stand with the baby outside while we wait for Lucy to “go potty”.  Of course, when we’re forced to skip her exercise, she is even more energetic and more likely to run to the neighbor’s house to play with Sophie, the poop-eating poodle.

Very little derails hyper Lucy from her mission.  She becomes deaf to all commands.  Short of catching her and dragging her into the house, there is nothing I can do to get her to come. Except one thing - her love for the hairdryer.  (Many of you have seen this video and know her obsession.)  I have found that screaming, “HAIRDRYER,” out the back door makes Lucy come to a complete stop, turn around, and return to the house.  Now, I can only imagine what the neighbors are thinking when they see me in my pajamas with a baby on my hip screaming about bathroom appliances to the heavens.


  1. Kimberly

    Sophie needs to learn some manners! Gross! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Kelly

    Uh I feel your pain! I have a miniature pinscher. Never. Stops. Moving.

    Bought an invisible fence and leave her outside when it’s nice enough! GO SUMMER!

  3. Nicki

    uh-oh. This is yet another aspect of childrearing I haven’t thought out. And my dog isn’t mesmerized by any household appliances, either. Crap.

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