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In the first few months of Cecilia’s life, I had very little free time to do simple things - like showering - and unnecessary tasks got swept under the rug, or rather, the sofa.  Then I realized about a month ago that I had a very large collection of unread magazines.  I love magazines and get about a dozen a month.  However, that love has recently become quite burdensome because it adds to the clutter that is new motherhood.  My mission over the past couple weeks has been to read through those magazines, rip out the articles and recipes that I want to save, place them in a binder, and chunk the remainder in the recylcing bin.  I think, so far, Chris has made two trips to the recycling center.  I’m sure more are to come.

Beyond reducing clutter, one advantage of this is the opportunity to revisiti articles that I wanted to keep but lost in the chaos of it all.  In fact, I’ve cooked several recipes and found new favorites that probably would have been tossed in a fit of cleaning rage.  I’ve also found several craft projects and some good reference guides, including a  fantastic recycling how-to from one of my favorite mags, Real Simple.    They give an A to Z list on how to recycle everything from aerosol cans to zippered plastic bags.  The list includes some things that I knew, like old tennis shoes, and something that I never even thought about, like Christmas lights.  They also let you know about items that can’t be recycled.  This fantastic article is also available on their website.  I encourage you to give it a glance and maybe stick it in your bookmarks.  It’s definitely worth keeping.

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