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I had high hopes for this recipe from Anne.  I love peas, and I love artichokes.  As long as she didn’t cover them with curry like her last couple of recipes, I thought we’d probably have a winner. You guys know the drill by now.  Here’s the ingredients.  It truly is stuff that you’ll normally have in your pantry and fridge.  The herb is one of the most common herbs, and one you’ll normally buy if you buy them.

Oct 08 107

You might be wondering why my peas are in a bag.  Obviously I’m not concerned with brand endorsements with that gigantic PROGRESSO label.  It’s actually leftovers from a bag that I opened for another recipe.  I’m often whipping up a quick vegetable soup so I save all my leftover (still frozen) veggies.  Half a cup of frozen carrots may not seem worth keeping, but a little splash of color in a soup goes a long ways. (I actually opened a second bag and dumped it in the ziplock for the picture since this recipe called for a large volume of peas.  It’s also for aesthetics.)

Here’s most of the ingredients in a pot, waiting to be stirred. We’re missing the herb. It will wilt and get icky if cooked too long.

Oct 08 108

Here’s the herb being chopped while the rest of it cooks. (Just for reference, it’s the flat one, not the curly.)

Oct 08 113

I spent too much time chopping, and the peas cooked a little too long and turned a dull pea green (get it, pea green) color.  Of course, I’m not sure what color they’re suppose to be.  Most of the recipes in The Dinner Doctor are pictured on the first few pages, but this one is not. Come to think of it, the only ones not picture are the ones I made.  Maybe I’m doing Anne a favor by toeing the line of copyright infringement.  Lets hope she sees it that way.

Here’s the completed dish:

Oct 08 116

And because that doesn’t demonstrate that tasty goodness, here’s the close-up:

Oct 08 123

Final verdict: This is my favorite recipe from The Dinner Doctor.  It’s great just the way it’s printed.  Next time, I might try sauteing the onion before combine all the ingredients, but even without tweaking, it’s one that I’d gladly serve to company.  In the recipes introduction, Anne states that this is the dish her mom always brought to potlucks, and I can see why.  There’s plenty of it, and it’s plenty good.  It might just make its way to my Thanksgiving table.

Now that we’re finally done with that cookbook, I’m ready to move onto others.  In the time it took me to find my favorite, I purchased 4 more cookbooks and received 3 more as gifts.  This will truly be a never ending quest.  I’ve decided that I’m going to skip reviewing my bread machine books.  I’ll just post pictures, most likely taken with my camera phone, in my flickr.  (You can see my most recently upload pictures in the top right corner.)  The next cookbook I’ll review will probably be a Cooking Light publication, and hopefully the recipes will be available on their site for your personal use.

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