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My entire pregnancy I craved beer, and though I only occasionally drank before I was pregnant, I really looked forward to enjoying a cold one once the baby had arrived.  However, I still had to wait several weeks because I’m breastfeeding and tiny newborns aren’t willing to wait on dinner just because momma’s got some booze in her boobies.   Once we were on a slightly regular feeding schedule and Cecilia could go more than two hours without eating, I got that beer and, man, was it ever tasty.  Over the last three months, I’ve enjoyed several beers, but I’ve avoided wine.  I just couldn’t justify opening a bottle so I could have only one glass and leaving the responsibility of finishing it off to Chris. That just didn’t seem like a load of fun.  Enter box wine.

When I think of boxed wine, I think of a scene from Grumpy Old Men when Walter Mattheau shows up Sophia Lauren’s house with a cheap box.  However, I’ve recently heard that the cardboard vino has come a long way.  I did a little investigating last week and found Black Box wines, and it was available at our local liquor store so I had Chris pick up a box on the way home from work.  The clerk at the store recommended the Pinot Grigio, which is good since I can only drink white wine. (I’m allergic to the tanins in red.)  It was only $22 and contains the equivilant wine of four standard bottles. The veredict? Pretty good! And considering it stays fresh for up to four weeks, it’s a down right bargain. I’m also happy that I’ll have wine readily available for cooking too.

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