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Well, with the Curried Carrot Soup a bust,  I’m on to my next recipe in Anne Byrn’s the Dinner Doctor. I thought I’d give Curried Crab “Gumbo” a try.  Generally I stay away from things with quotations, but I had all the ingredients in the house.  However, if I keep cooking her recipes, I might run out of curry as it appears to be one of her favorite spices.  This is a bit strange because she’s a pasty white woman.  (As you can see in the last post.)

Here’s the ingredients from the still copyrighted recipe.

sleepingKelly 038

This recipe ranks high in the simplicity category.  If you can dump things in pot, you can make this recipe.   The only skill you need to possess is onion chopping.  Strangely, it’s one I struggle with.  Most people cry when cutting them, but I’m rendered practically blind.  I usually have to chop an onion in multiple stages and must leave the room between them for fresh air.  There are a few tricks to make it a little more manageable.  You can spray your cutting board with vinegar, or you can light a candle to help burn off the gases that cause you to cry.  I recently told Chris about the candle trick and now he’s obsessed with reminding me to do as if he was the one that taught me the trick.

sleepingKelly 040

You can also see my J.A. Henckels Zwillings knife in that picture. It’s an awesome knife. It’s also a very expensive knife. However, I got it at a bargain price of $25 at TJ Maxx. I rarely spend that much money on something from TJ Maxx, but if you look at their usual prices, you’ll understand why I splurged.

So here’s almost everything dumped in the pot.

sleepingKelly 044

After a conversation with my sous-chef, we decide to add the optional shrimp to the “gumbo”.

sleepingKelly 042

The final product:

sleepingKelly 047

Final Verdict: Not my favorite recipe, at least not how it’s printed. Chris said it’s a winner. I think if you substituted a lean summer sausage or ground chicken for the seafood, it would be a lot better. There is a significant amount of pepper sauce in it, and everything tastes good with hot sauce. I’d also change the name of the soup. Just because it has okra, doesn’t mean it’s gumbo, quotations or not.

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    Hey, I got a tip for you. Dont laugh I am a dork. But between work and this whole always tired pregnany thing, I have started buying this frozen packages called “Good Beginings” or something like that. It is prechopped beginning items for coking. I see you shop at Krogers. There is where I found them. They are in the frozen section. I have the onions, bell peppers, spinach, and mire poix just to name a few. They have been very nice.

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